There are no hidden fees for disassembly / reassembly, cleaning, preparation, or additional fees for packaging and handling. The below listed prices include all costs for refinishing except for return shipping.
 We offer a discounted rifle optics package that includes the complete rifle, optics, rings, base, and (1) magazine. Please see the bottom of our price list for current pricing.

Refinishing Pricing:

Item Description


Camoflauge Finish

Complete Rifle / Shotgun



Rifle / Shotgun Barreled Action



Rifle / Shotgun Barrel



Rifle / Shotgun Stock



AR Style Collapsible Stock



AR/AK/FAL Style Handguards



Four Railed Handguards



AR Stripped Lower Receiver




AR Stripped Upper Receiver




AR Complete Upper Receiver. Includes upper receiver, dust cover, forward assist, and charging handle.





AR Complete Lower Receiver. Includes lower receiver, trigger with trigger pins, selector lever, take down pins, end plate, buffer tube, and pistol grip.





Controls for AR Rifles. Includes dust cover, take down pins, selector switch. trigger pins, trigger, end plate, & forward assist.



Complete Handgun



Semi Auto Handgun Slide



Semi Auto Handgun Frame (includes controls)



Controls for Semi Auto Handgun Frame



Semi Auto Handgun Barrel






Optics Rings / Base

$15.00 ea.

$25.00 ea




Weapon Light / Flash Light








$20.00 ea.

$25.00 ea.

Complete Rifle / Shotgun Gun & Optic Package (see below for details)



Micro Slick Pricing

Bolt Carrier Group semi auto rifle


Bolt for bolt action rifle


Fire Control Group for rifle


Semi Auto pistol barrel up to 5"


Grip Enhancement Pricing:

StipplingMarine TexPolane T
Large Polymer Frame$100.00$90.00

Medium Polymer Frame$90.00$80.00

Small Polymer Frame$80.00$75.00

3/4 Wrap Pattern$90.00 all frame sizes$90.00

Inset Pattern$80.00 all frame sizes$65.00 all frame sizes$65.00 all frame sizes
Forward Finger Pads$15.00$15.00

Back Straps / Front Straps$25.00$25.00

Magazine pads or base plates$15.00$15.00

Complete stocks pebble finish$25.00 per stock
Stock palm swell$40.00$25.00
Stock fore arm$50.00$30.00
Optics adjustment knobs$10.00 ea$10.00 ea
Knife handles$30.00$30.00$30.00

Pricing does not include return shipping costs.  

We are an 07 FFL 5-43-037-07-5G-10172 -

Expiration Date July 1, 2015

All camo patterns are available in the 3 color's of your choice (primary color, secondary color, and accent color) additional colors are available at an additional $30 per color for full rifles or $15 per color for just stocks.

Additional Services:
Custom Logos, phrases, or names please email a jpeg of the desired item, number and size of placement for a quote. 
Color Fill $20.00
Spatter additional color over a single color refinish: $15.00 per color

Spider web additional color over a single color refinish: $20.00
(For all items not listed please email or call for pricing).

Forms of Payment

We accept Money Order / Certified Cashiers Check / Personal Check - Orders paid for by personal or company checks will be held up to 21 days to allow check's to clear.

For Credit Card Payments: we can send an electronic invoice via email using Pay Pal

Orders not paid for with in 90 days will become property of LTM Refinishing LLC and will be sold to recoup cost for refinishing services performed.

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