Please see the coating color charts for available colors.

CeraKote Graphite Black and Satin Mag

We can provide the custom look you want for your firearms or accessories in CeraKote, KG GunKote, or DuraCoat.

We can even add your favorite logo or motto to your firearm for that unique and one of a kind look. We can also add custom scrolling, initals, names, or a special sentiment to give that once in a life time gift that once in a life time look

The two tone look is currently all the rage in the pistol community. We can provide that look to your current semiauto pistol for a fraction of the cost of a new gun. We can even provide refinishing for stainless steel firearms and parts.

If you purchase a complete firearms refinish there is no extra charge for two tone on semiauto pistols (slide one single color - frame another single color) or for a two tone appearance on rifles & shotguns (action & barrel one single color - stock another single color).

AR In graphite black. Photo Courtesy of Oleg Volk
1911 frame graphite black medium texture on front strap and stainless slide and controls

DPMS LR308 in Flat Dark Earth

USGI M14 Birch stock refinished in Cherry with Stainless CeraKote on metal hardware