DuraCoat is a hard polymer that’s self-lubricating to certain extent; extremely hard, oil, solvent, and wear resistant. It resists 100 inch pounds of direct impact and 80 inch pounds of reverse impact. Its pencil hardness runs H to 2H. DuraCoat has passed a 300 hr. salt spray test, which far exceeds military requirements for firearms finishes. Major manufacturers such as DSA utilize DuraCoat finishes on their rifles. DuraCoat has proven to hold up extremely well under field conditions. Even on parts such as FAL bolts, which are subject to significant abrasion as the bolt cycles, DuraCoat has held up well and proven to be extremely durable. DuraCoat will dry to the touch in 20 min and can be used after curing 6 - 8 hrs. However it will continue to cure for 4 to 6 weeks after application. DuraCoat is not a flash cure application which will become brittle after curing resulting in chipping and flaking. DuraCoat cures slowly so it remains flexible after it cures which contributes to its excellent abrasion and wear resistance. We like to say DuraCoat doesn't wear out, it wears in. DuraCoat can be applied over just about any surface including, metal, plastic, or wood as long as the surface is properly prepared. We have had great success using it on forearm rail covers such as the textured Magpul covers. DuraCoat is available in 55 stock colors and 7 new electric colors. With 3 Mirageflage camo patterns, 2 advanced camo patterns and 11 standard camo patterns available, a color / pattern is available for any terrain.

DuraHeat is available for parts that will be exposed to extreme heat. This high performance coating is capable of with-standing temps of up to 1800 degrees. DuraHeat is an excellent choice for barrels that will see sustained fire such as LMG barrels or full auto rifle barrels when exposed to these types of high temps DuraHeat becomes even harder and more abrasion resistant. It is available in matte black, HK black, woodland brown, woodland green, woodland tan, stainless, & pewter.
DuraBake Enamel is extremely durable enamel which provides the ultimate in protection. It can be applied to all ferrous metals, alloys, & plastic. It is available in woodland tan, woodland green, woodland brown, matte black, parker, desert mint, desert beige, desert brown, OD green, snow gray, & white.

AR finished in ACU pattern with DuraCoat