FDE / Black metal with custom sponge camo on furniture

Until further notice we are suspending conversions due to lack of quality front end parts. We would still be happy to install the rear end parts, repair old trigger pin holes and Velcro patch, and refinish the metal work and furniture.
We are happy to offer professional conversion services for all Saiga & Vepr shotguns and rifles. Conversion costs will vary depending on model to be converted and parts chosen. Each Saiga Conversion Package will be 922r complaint and includes refinishing in CeraKote "H" series or KG GunKote 2400 series. 

Saiga with Wood Furniture in KG 2400 series AK black

Basic Saiga  IZ 340 or IZ 332 converison includes:
Refinished Romanian wood furniture and a black or rust colored plastic grip
Modified single hook Tapco G2 hammer and trigger
Bullet Guide installed
Round or Square Trigger Guard installed
Head space checked
Remove welded on thread protector and install Bulgarian 24mm AK 74 muzzle break
Refinished in CeraKote Graphite Black "H" series or KG GunKote 2400 series AK black

Due to the current high demand for AK parts and accessories we are unable to post an exact cost. Please email with specifics of build and we can provide a current price.

If you are contemplating purchasing a Saiga for a conversion we recommend using the Saiga IZ 340 and IZ 332 as the base rifle. This is due to the current lack of affordable quality front end components.  Due to current market conditions we can not buy the front end parts to convert them cheaper than the cost difference between the IZ 340 and IZ 240. If you already have an IZ 240 or IZ 132 the conversion cost is higher due to additional cost of front end components. We will post prices when we find a consistent supplier of quality parts.